Over 24 beautiful colors to choose from.

Every piece of granite is unique, and choosing colored granite enhances and enriches the uniqueness of each monument or marker. Granite comes in many different colors and grain types – some even sparkle in the sunlight. At Rose Lawn Monuments, we have many classic or traditional granite colors for monuments, as well as many unique and rare granite types and colors. Our staff will help you choose a granite color for your memorial that works best for the type of engraving, style of monument, and remembrance of the individual it is meant to represent.

Granite is the Earth’s second hardest natural material formed millions of years ago as lava cooled.  Because it is a natural material, color and patterns in granite may vary slightly from the sample pictures below.

American Black

Black Supreme

Canadian Mahogany

Cloud Gray

India Red


Autumn Mist

Black Ultimate

Cats Eye

Coffee Pearl

Missouri Red

Pink Pearl

Bahama Blue

Blue Pearl

China Evergreen

Dakota Mahogany

Mountain Rose

Southern Gray

Barre Grey

Butterfly Blue

China Seashell Pink

Flash Impala Black

Newbury Gray

Wausau Red


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