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Should I Consider a Pre-Need Monument?

Grieving the loss of a loved one is an incredibly emotional and difficult time for a family.

At a time they should be tending to their own emotional health, they are tasked with funeral arrangements, selecting a cemetery plot, notifying and coordinating with family and friends, writing an obituary, tending to estate matters, and countless other unplanned, unanticipated occupiers of their time.

Pre-planning can provide much needed relief from the emotional and financial burdens that can accompany these decisions otherwise made under duress.
The purchase of a memorial headstone should also be included with prudent pre-planning. Selecting and purchasing your own headstone in advance is one of the most loving, final gifts you can give your family. Here are some of the reasons why:

Tell Your Own Story

Your monument will likely be the longest surviving physical memory of your life. In future generations, long after any living person remembers you, your stone will still be there telling your story. Who do you want telling that story? Your kids? They can’t decide what color tie to get you for Christmas. Do you want them trying to agree on a memorial style, size, artistic details and even how much should be spent?

No one can express your life and tell your story the way you can. Purchasing your headstone in advance ensures your story is properly told.

Relieve Financial Burden on Loved Ones

It can cost a lot of money to enter this world. It can certainly cost a great deal more to leave it.

In many instances the loss of a loved one can create an immense financial burden. Adding the cost of a monument to that burden can be completely overwhelming. By purchasing your monument ahead of time you will ensure that you aren’t passing that burden on to them.

Also, by choosing the amount you wish to spend and by locking in that expense up front, you avoid price inflation and eliminate emotional overspending.

Decision Making Made Easier

Have you ever tried to make rational decisions in moments of intense duress? If so, you can imagine the difficulty your loved ones might have choosing a memorial in the midst of their grieving process.

Our clients often refer to the “peace of mind” that comes with eliminating these emotional decisions.
By planning ahead, you can involve all of your loved ones in the process of designing your stone in a much less emotionally charged environment.

Allows Time to Shop Around

There are many decisions to be made when purchasing a memorial to best represent a life lived. What is an appropriate budget? What style of monument do I prefer? What about granite color, epitaph and design elements I wish to include?

Equally important, which company do I trust to best deliver my wishes.

Selecting a monument is a process. A process that shouldn’t be rushed or influenced by emotion.
By planning ahead, you allow yourself and your family the opportunity to shop around, compare pricing and determine which company can best guide you through the process.

What if I Don’t Want to See my Name on a Headstone Ahead of Time?

This is actually a very common concern. Many folks understand all of the aforementioned benefits of purchasing a headstone before they need it but just can’t imagine seeing their own name or birth-date out in the cemetery.

No worries if this is you. There is a solution.!

Your monument can be created and installed without the unwanted information (names, dates, or both). When the time comes, we can coordinate the final lettering needed.

Please note: there will be an extra charge to letter the final dates and names as we do not generally accept prepayment for future work.


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Austin Smith

“I had a wonderful experience with Rose Lawn Monuments. My aunt passed away this past April and I had never had to decide on any kind of arrangements regarding a grave marker. I contacted Rose Lawn and spoke with Bernard. He was so nice and listened to my worries of finding the right marker. I went in to see him and within minutes he helped me create the perfect stone. My family loved it and I know my aunt does too. Bernard reassured me that they would handle everything, and he was right. There was no pressure and zero stress, which was appreciated and a comfort. I was concerned if they would place a stone in another cemetery other than their own, as my aunt buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in DeSoto. There was no problem at all. I’m so very thankful to Rose Lawn and their staff for their caring, considerate help during a difficult time.”

Karol Frauth

“Our family is so thankful to have been referred to Rose Lawn Monuments. They could not have been more kind or helpful. They assisted us with the choice of a stone that turned out beautiful. Thank you again!”

Jeannie Ellis

“I highly recommend Rose Lawn Monuments to everyone. I cannot thank Scott Gray & Bernard Laiben enough for all their help when we lost our Dad. They helped me through every step, no pressure at all, just their expertise, knowledge (& Bernard helped with the VA paperwork) & always very friendly. Dad’s Service marker is beautiful, Dad served 2 tours in the Army, He is loved & missed beyond words. “Thank you Scott & Bernard!”

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